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In force since: 01.08. 2022

Last update: 01.01.2023

1.    Definitions, purpose of Cookies

  1. Cookie is a piece of data about a Visitor, temporarily stored on the hard drive of the browsing device of the latter. Cookies may contain some Personal Data that allows us to identify if a Visitor has used our Web page before and allows us to store personal preferences and other data of the Visitor (e.g contact information or data about the browsing device). Definitions of our Privacy Policy (available at our Web page) apply in the same meaning to this Policy. This Policy may be amended time to time with an updated version coming into force upon its publication on our Web page.
  2. Our Services Platform and Web page are intended for B2B relationships and transactions only, therefore we presume that most of the Visitors of our Web page are neither consumers in the meaning of Estonian Consumer Protection Act nor private individuals protected under the GDPR, however we do not completely rule out that some of the non B2B Visitors have landed on our Web page accidentally. Additionally, in some cases the representatives of the Companies and their contact data might be considered Data Subjects under the GDPR. 
  3. Cookies are used for the purpose of our Services Platform that is situated at our Web page. Cookies serve for improvement of our Services and better user experience of the B2B Visitor.
  1. Cookie management
    1. Visitors may limit themselves to accept necessary Cookies only, in which case Visitor might not take full advantage of our Services or user experience of our Services Platform and Web page. Restricting the necessary Cookies may hinder or limit the usage of the Web page or the Services Platform.
    2. Session Cookies are deleted each time after Visitor leaves the Web page and permanent Cookies remain for the convenience of user experience in case of recurring visits to the Web page.
    3. Visitors may manually pick between different types of Cookies. In case the browser of the Visitor automatically accepts any or all types of those Cookies, many of the popular web browsers allow restrictions to apply to some types of the Cookies.
    4. For informational purposes only, please see guidelines for cookie management and restriction of some of the most popular web browsers. We are not related to such web browsers providers nor exercise any control over the content of such guideline, and therefore, carry no liability whatsoever in their regard of their content nor in regard of anyone using such guidelines:

Micrsosoft Edge cookie settings

Google Chrome cookie settings

Apple Safari cookie settings

Opera cookie settings

  1. Types of Cookies
    1. Necessary – serve the purpose of ensuring the main functionality of the Web page. Without them it is impossible to fully use the relevant parts of the Web page and receive Services.
    2. Functional – to render additional or special functionality, also to personalize the Web page.
    3. Analytical – enable data collection in non-personalized manner about Visitors and usage of the Web page; also serve to measure and improve the performance of the Web page.
    4. Advertisement – enable targeting of appropriate advertisements to a Visitor; also enable measuring of efficiency of ad campaigns. Data is collected in a non-personalized manner.
  1. Specific Cookies
ConsentNecessaryConsent to open popups2 years
Simple Analyticshttps://www.simpleanalytics.comAnalyticalTo track Web page activity such as session duration, bounce rate, etc, along with information regarding the source of the traffic2 years

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